the fifty per cent of us is a fan of THE HIDDEN CAMERAS. the other fifty per cent only knew about them that is a queer group that get famous some years ago. guess who made this exclusive interview just before the release of the band’s new record… (well, maybe the answer is not so obvious)


> First of all, it can..t be fair that someone should have > both, musical talent and beauty. Rufus Wainwright, Sufjan > Stevens or > you are this way. Do you feel any closer to these artists? > Who do you?

Thank you I think. Don’t feel close to anyone really, well maybe a few people…

> > The > hidden cameras are often installed in public toilets. Any > interest for > these places?

Are they? They must be pretty hidden. Hopefully not in the stalls. I love a good public toilet when I need to urinate. I am not one to hang out there though. I need some convincing I guess.
How come that name for the band? Do you call > yourself a > band, or just the name of your musical project?

I got the name thinking about its earlier predecessor in school: the Panopticon.
It’s a band, a musical project, a show, a group, a vehicle for my songs, a focus for my creativity.

> > Talking about new projects… there..s this new album, > releasing on September 22… What it is about?

Truths and other mysteries.

> > Is this a new beginning?

Of course, “Ratify the New”
> > As a compositor, do you feel affected by the news, the > wars, the economical situation?

As a human I do.

> > How is the process of creation of a song? >

It’s nice. Happens without thinking, need to not think more….

> Do you remember which was your first song or poem, and what > it was about? How old were you back then? >

Don’t remember and probably don’t want to remember. In high school no doubt.

> Are you single? What is your type of man?

No, my man is baking a Pflaumenkuchen right now 🙂

> > Any plan for a performance in Spain in your nex tour?

Hell yeah, next March, I can’t wait to play Spain again! Will know more soon…check our website or sign up for an email at

> “The > hidden cameras” has songs about golden rains, > enemas,… the sex is > freely and joylly express in your work. Your band is plenty > of young > and atractive women and men. Orgies at the end of a concert > must be > common… Can you deny it?

We did have a drunken underwear party once leaving Sweden on our bus, I fell asleep 🙂

> > Last one. Imagine you have 10 minutes > in a private room with the person, alive or dead, real or > imaginary, > that you choose. Who and what will you do?

I would like to meet an ancient caveman, we would then converse for 10 minutes in sign-language and cave drawings.

the hidden cameras web site



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