what is the first thing that you think when you wake up?


i usually read a book that is at a bookshelf next to my bed. i am a big believer on reading a book first thing in the morning as its like yogaing the brain.
right now i am reading the lives of edmund white.

tell us five words that turn you on


your favourite david bowie song? how would you
declare your love to a man using that specific bowie song?

just tell him the title

why do you choose sculpture for expresing yourself?

i dont

if you would have to cover your body with any substance/meterial/thing, what would it be?


japanese pearls

we love your drawings. do you usually work in the same place? in that case, describe it: colors, furnitures, smells…


yes, in my bedroom mostly. its mostly white and dark and stinks like old clothes.

we want to see your art porn film. is it finished? please, more: plot, casting, sex pervertions included +


i am still working on it. i am too shy about showing it yet. there is a plot which is about almost like a spider eating another spider. that is pretty much it i tink.

may we xpote u? please write a really short poem using the words “cock”, “strawberry”, “loon” and “side-car”.(or whatever)
a cock a strawberry a loon a side-car a there terence koh may 6th’09. berlin.


this is an easy one: do you like cats?


i love my own cats

what comes to your mind if we say “spain”?


routine: what are doing now? how will be your next exhibition?


watching the rachel zoe project. i don’t have any exhibitions really planned soon.

and finally, tell us who or what was the person/thing you thought of while you were jerking off for the last time.


i tink it was justin timberlake fucking that guy that dies from that movie alpha dog.

we love you

i love you too. : )




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